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Welcome to the Akatsuki homepage!

The Akatsuki guild is a social/casual raiding/ casual pvp organisation.
We dont take things over serious but do ask for a level of commitment.

If you would like to apply to join the site please do so via the respective link at the top.
If however you have yet to join the guild in game and are trying to communicate with an officer please drop us a line in our public forum.

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Guild Update!

Itachi DK, Mar 13, 11 10:18 PM.
Hey guys!

Well the first attempt at raiding was a good one last friday we managed to down first boss in BoT and had a couple of good attempt on second. At the moment we are desperate to recruit a raid ready healer so keep  your eyes and ears open.

As for the forums we want to encourage people to use them more. Even if its just a question on something or if you have useful macros to share or even general crap that you have found on the internet (keep it clean). We want you to share it!

And finally, I've decided to start posting the raids on the calender like we did in the past (just click the calender tab on top of the webpage) That way we will have a good idea of who's interested in coming and we can sort the team way in advance. So keep an eye on that on a daily basis.

Thats all! (at early hours of the morning)

Night night and peace out!

Raid Shedules

Itachi DK, Oct 17, 10 9:26 PM.
I think its a good idea that we get a list of everybodys availability for raids n such. I know alot of us have stuff on during the week so maybe we could post some ideas in the forums and see if we can come up with a time that suits most of us??

Events this week!

Itachi DK, Oct 10, 10 9:42 PM.
This Wednesday the 4.0.0 patch will be released with is basically supposed to change everything in the run up for make sure to check your talent trees cause there is a good chance they are buggered....

Also ICC10 is back on again this Friday. Make sure you sign up for it on the calender and keep and eye on the times cause they may be subject to change and also all times posted will be based on server time.

Happy gaming! ^_^

Weekly Raid!!

Itachi DK, Oct 3, 10 8:05 PM.
Aku has posted the weekly raid on the calender!

So make sure that you sign up for it by clicking on the event listed in the schedule. 

Site Progress!!

Itachi DK, Sep 28, 10 8:35 PM.
We have our first raid listed on the calender below.

Click and sign up if you application to the guild site has already been approved.

After you apply for a raid the rest is all pretty self explanatory.
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